The Candle Bridge


The ”Lumberjack’s Candle Bridge” was built in 1989. It serves as a balancing element between town buildings, the gently sloping Ounasvaara Hill and the spacious sceneries of Kemijoki River. In addition to its importance for traffic and road system the bridge bears a memory from the times of timber floating and is homage to the lumberjack. On the top of two columns there is a lighting solution resembling the lumberjack’s candle, a log cut in two with a fire in between. The Lumberjacks Candle Bridge has become one of Rovaniemi’s symbols along with Pohjanhovi, Arktikum and the Reindeer Antler Plan. The River Kemijoki doesn’t freeze completely near the bridge in the winter. That spot serves as a perfect resting place for the migrating birds in the spring. There are thousands of birds on the most and also some rare species amongst them.