In the city centre area parking space is mainly chargeable and the parking fee is 2 €/hour. Payment is done by feeding coins either into a parking meter or a ticket machine. The ticket machine prints the ticket, which is to be placed inside the car windscreen in a prominent place, so that it is fully readable from outside. When you have bought a parking ticket, you can park to any chargeable parking space in the city centre area (street, square, parking area or single meter place) during the time mentioned in the ticket. The airport and railway station car parks have own ticket machines. Motorcyclists must pay parking charge, when parking within chargeable area or in a metered space: pay and take the parking ticket along with the so called note sheet, which you will place to your motorcycle. Keep parking ticket with you as a proof of payment. When parking to a metered space, payment must be fed into the meter. Motorcyclists are not required to use parking disc (showing duration of stay), but time limitation relating to parking disc concern motorcyclists also.

Parking fine in districts 1 to 18 and 21 is 50 € and 40 € in other parts. You'll find a map of Parking fine regions here: Parking fine regions