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 Recycling Point - Ekopiste



Containers for old batteries


It is important to recycle bottles and cans.  The Finnish bottle refund system is very practical: the purchase price of most beverage cans and bottles includes a deposit. Both reusable plastic and glass bottles and recyclable aluminium cans are included in the beverage container deposit system.

Eco waste collection points

The Eco Points are intended for the following household waste only:

Waste paper (paperi)

    Dry paper, without extra dirt   

Small metals  (pienmetalli)

    Rinsed tins, lids, bottle caps

Recyclable glass (lasi)

    Glass objects; jars, bottles etc.  

Cartons (kartonki)

    Cartons of milk, sourmilk etc.


See The Eco Point  link to find out your nearest container for waste paper (paperi), waste batteries (paristot), small metals (metalli), recyclable glass (lasi) and cartons (kartonki). 

Following do not qualify to Eco waste collection points:
 wet paper or paper with extra dirt
- plastic bags, styrox
- gift wrap paper
- porcelain, ceramics, window glass, mirror glass
- aerosol bottles, electronic device junk
- big metal junk

These, and all hazardous waste, like oil, paint, glue, accumulators, electronic device junk etc. - and also waste from buildings and any bigger or undefined waste from homes and companies - are to be taken to following:

-  Alakorkalo jäteasema (waste management station) open:

Mon -  Fri 7.00 am - 5.00 pm 

-  Kuusiselkä kaatopaikka (landfill) open:

Mon - Fri 7.00 am - 3.00 pm

Medicines not in use, are to be taken to your nearest pharmacy (apteekki). 

Please note: Further information about waste management, recycling and sorting is available from the toll-free waste advice telephone number: 0800 120 230 

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