The capital of Lapland – Rovaniemi – the centre for international expertise and culture

Rovaniemi is the Capital of Lapland. The city is located at the Arctic Circle. Sometimes it is called "The second capital of Finland ". Rovaniemi is a service centre of education, commerce and administration. We have the northernmost university in EU, with four faculties. And there is a higher professional education institution called Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences, which offers a variety of degree programmes.

Rovaniemi is a city of absolute seasons of the year. In northern Finland you can enjoy real winter and nightless nights in summer. Rovaniemi inhabitants are happy to present themselves and the possibilities available here.

We invite you to our arctic city. Our invitation to you is always open. You’ll have a great time with us. Santa Claus loves to see nice and happy children and don’t forget: Santa Claus loves to meet kids from all over. Both you and your children are most welcome.

Ulla-Kirsikka Vainio

Mayor Ulla-Kirsikka Vainio