Image Banks

Communications Unit’s image bank

The service features an extensive selection of image material from Rovaniemi. The media/image materials may be used for purposes that directly or indirectly benefit the city’s marketing efforts. The use of print-quality material requires a separate order in the collection basket. Commercial use is prohibited.

Art Museum’s image archive

The image archive features Rovaniemi Art Museum’s works in the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation collection.

Press images of Korundi can be found in the art museum’s image archive, Korundi image archive, by typing “Korundi” in the search box. 

Tourism and marketing image gallery

Image material from Rovaniemi intended for professional marketing use (media, tourism organisations, etc.).
Use of the image gallery requires registration.

Picture collections of Provincial Museum of Lapland

Picture-, object- and archive collections are to be found at picture archive of Provincial Museum of Lapland. Picture collection relating to Rovaniemi and Lapland consists of photos, slides and negatives, and audiovisual material about nature and human life in different times.

It is possible to order  copies from the picture collection for private use, publications, exhibitions and so on.


Contact information

The Communication Office is in charge of providing city information and information about decisions made by the City Council and City Board

Kairatie 75
P.O. Box 8216
FI-96101 City of Rovaniemi, Finland
Tel (switchboard): +358 16 3221