Basic education


Primary school

The purpose of basic education is to give the pupils knowledge and skills necessary in life, and to give everyone an equal educational foundation. Other goals include supporting the development of pupils as human beings, and their growth into ethically responsible members of society, and the promotion of learning and equality in society.



Upper comprehensive school

Comprehensive schools provide basic education (primary and lower secondary levels) and their tasks include both teaching and a broader educational role. Their objective is to provide each pupil with the opportunity for diverse growth and learning and for development of healthy self-esteem. All comprehensive schools provide good basic skills and knowledge and sufficient all-round learning.



Basic art education

Basic art education is goal-oriented education progressing from one level to the next. It teaches children skills in self-expression and capabilities needed for vocational, polytechnic and university education in the chosen art form.

 Rovaniemi School of Visual Arts
 180 Students
 The Dance Art Institute
 400 Students
 Lapland College of Music
 500 Students