St. Johann in Tirol

Basic information

St. Johan in Tirol is a small, 8,000-inhabitant town located in the Austrian Alps in the Province of Tirol. The town has a strong commercial centre and is located along the important motorway linking Munich with Italy.


The town’s most significant industry is tourism. In addition, the region also has agriculture.

Friendship town activities

The Municipality of Rovaniemi and St. Johan in Tirol signed their friendship town agreement in 1989. The areas highlighted in the friendship town agreement are culture, training and recreational sectors, tourism and commerce.

The last friendship town programme was made in 2002. The programme emphasises business to business interaction, exchange of experiences and the development of business relations. Co-operation may also include participation by other international partners. The fields of business included in the scope of the co-operation are timber, agriculture, tourism (especially wellness tourism), experience industry and ICT. Friendship town activities between St. Johan and the Municipality of Rovaniemi have been very active. Cultural exchange, student and trainee exchange, and familiarisation trips by civil servants have been regular both ways.

The people of Rovaniemi have annually visited the region during the Tirol Week, which also incorporates the Koasalauf skiing event. As part of the event, each year a Lappish sales and marketing event is also arranged. On some years, the Municipality of Rovaniemi has also has delegations at the Jaggas festivities in July.

Rovaniemi has an active Lapland – Tirol Club, which has been an important partner for the Municipality in its friendship town activities. The Lapland – Tirol Club has, for instance, actively participated in arranging the Tirol Weeks in Rovaniemi.