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Arctic possibilities

Rovaniemi is a growth center of Lapland where the growth of the residents and business and jobs has been significant in the past six years. In the Arctic, global growth will create for the Rovaniemi area greater potential demand.

Logistic center

Rovaniemi and Lapland have a special status in the Arctic in transportation and logistics. The expertise provide a good opportunity to work in the future in the maintenance and repair activities, in particular as a center of operations for the Kola Peninsula and northern Norway directions.

Arctic know-how

The companies in Rovaniemi are well placed to act as providers of services and products and special arctic know-how. This applies in particular to the area industrial companies, logistics companies and trade and tourism enterprises.

The training center

Rovaniemi is a training center in Lapland (The University of Lapland, Lapland University of Lapland Vocational College). The three-level educational institution on the ground provides a comprehensive set of educational resources in the corporate sector recovery and diverse skills from workers.

Arctic Research Center

In the Rovaniemi is located in a significant number of sector research institutes, whose expertise is available in the business. Arctic Centre from the University of Lapland is implementing diversity of the Arctic research, the demand will increase in the future. The companies in the Rovaniemi area have plenty of expertise, especially in the northern regions know-how, as well as serving as the related products and services.

Business Opportunities in Cold Testing

Rovaniemi offers the best conditions and arctic climate for testing cars tyres, studs and components in winter conditions. Rovaniemi has major cold testing cluster and constitutes a centre for arctic know-how. This is due not only to climatic factors but also to very deliberate work aiming to strengthen the position of Rovaniemi in the field of arctic knowledge.