Basic information

Drvar’s former name is Titov Drvar and it is situated in Western Bosnia-Herzegovina, in the former Yugoslavia. Drvar has a population of approximately 17,000 inhabitants, of which approximately 90 percent are Serbian and around 10 percent Croatian.

Drvar has been a very restless place since the war. In 1998, many Serbs were killed in the town, which attracted a great deal of media attention throughout the world. Drvar has had Canadian peacekeeping forces, but the situation in the town has calmed down, and the peacekeeping forces left the region in 2004. Drvar is, however, still suffering from huge economic problems.


Drvar is Bosnia-Herzegovina’s centre for forestry and timber industries. Industry has not managed to recover from the war, for example in respect to its infrastructure, and corruption is commonplace.

Friendship town activities

Rovaniemi and Titov Drvar signed the friendship town agreement in 1973. Activities included traditional friendship town activities through to the end of the 1980s, when the situation in Yugoslavia turned into war.