Apart from the permanent exhibition, the museum also stages various temporary exhibitions which are often linked to topical themes.  These exhibitions are either put together by the museum itself, or are touring exhibitions on loan. 

Permanent exhibition:

Northern Ways

Thousands of years in the north, everlasting traces in history

The Provincial Museum’s permanent exhibition Northern Ways opened on 4 December 2003. It is a sequel to the story in the award-winning Survivors’ exhibition about stages in man and nature in the North. Find out about the life of the moose and bear in the wild as well as the mythology surrounding these great northern animals. Take a glimpse at city birds and pearl catching. The exhibition also features Sámi culture, with its costumes and languages, and small-scale models of Rovaniemi from 1939 and 1944. The database linked to the models helps you to learn the stories behind the buildings.


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