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Waste Sorting

Different types of waste have to be kept separate throughout the waste management process. Recyclables must be placed in appropriate waste containers. Each container has a label according to type of waste which is to be placed there.

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Collection of biodegradable waste

Separate collection for biodegradable waste is arranged in Rovaniemi city for residential buildings with five or more dwellings, as well as for other units producing minimum of 20kg biodegradable waste per week. Residential buildings with less than five dwellings are allowed to join separate collection system. The alternative choice for separate collection of bio-waste and municipal composting is home-composting, which is also strongly recommended.

Composting biodegradable waste

Composting biodegradable waste saves landfill space, decreases environmental effects and facilitates the management of mixed waste. Biodegradable waste, which is collected with separate collection system, is taken to composting site especially built for the purpose.

From the kitchen to the collection bin and into the compost

Organic, biodegradable waste makes up of approximately one third of all municipal waste. This is why it is important to sort the waste as soon as it is produced - either with home-composting or using separate waste collection.
You do not need to feel intimidated by sorting: it is extremely easy. All you need is a separate bio-waste container. By protecting the container with a paper bag or a sheet of newspaper, you will make it easier to take out the waste - keep it from freezing and minimize the odour effects. The container will also stay clean. You should remove excess liquid before disposing bio-waste. You can put for example kitchen roll sheets (talouspaperi) or napkins (lautasliina) into the container, because they absorb liquid.

The biodegradable waste collection containers are to be identified primarily by the BIOJÄTE label, but also by the colour of the waste container (brown or green).

Please note: Further information about waste management, recycling and sorting is available from the toll-free waste advice telephone number: 0800 120 230 (mon-fri 9-15)