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The Regional Museum of Lapland


The Regional Museum of Lapland
Pohjoisranta 4
96200 Rovaniemi

The Regional Museum of Lapland researches and presents the Lappish wilderness and cultural  heritage moulded by it. Museums permanent exhibition Northern ways presents the mythology related to nature and animals, especially the bear and the elk. Sàmi languages and costumes are presented in the Sàmi area department of the exhibition. The splendid scale models of Rovaniemi from 1939 and 1944 play a central role in the exhibition, with a database that enables the buildings to tell their stories.


Further information & guided tours

tel. +358 (0)16 322 3260
email: info@arktikum.fi

You will learn many new things about North and Lapland with a guided tour.
Please book the guided tour from our reception before your visit.
tel. +358 (0)16 322 3260
email: info@arktikum.fi

Guided tours available in several languages!