The four museums in Rovaniemi include the Rovaniemi Art Museum, the Provincial Museum of Lapland in Arktikum, the Forestry Museum of Lapland and the Rovaniemi Local History Museum.

The Rovaniemi Art Museum is situated in the former mail truck depot, which was restored by architect Juhani Pallasmaa. In 2011 the former mail truck depot became Korundi House of Culture. The museum features the Finnish modern art collection of the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation. The special exhibitions present different art trends with North being the central theme.    


The area of operation of the Provincial Museum of Lapland covers the whole of Lapland, except the area of Tornio River valley. The principle activities of the museum include collecting, housing and researching pieces and material on cultural and natural history in Lapland. The permanent exhibition of the Provincial Museum of Lapland, Northern Ways, illustrates the history and nature of the Sami area extending from Rovaniemi to the Northeast Finland and Upper Lapland. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum organises annually several interesting special exhibitions and other events, such as public lectures and workshops. The Provincial Museum of Lapland is the authority on Lappish culture, prehistory, history, building tradition and nature. The Provincial Museum of Lapland is located in the Arktikum building on the banks of the Ounasjoki River.


The forestry tradition of Lapland is exhibited at the Forestry Museum of Lapland. The museum area features numerous real logging huts and interesting insight into the past – but not forgotten – logging tradition. The Forestry Museum of Lapland is open to public during summer. The museum located in Pöykkölä is run by the Forestry Museum Association of Lapland (Lapin metsämuseoyhdistys ry).



The Rovaniemi Local History Museum consists of four original buildings of the Pöykkölä site and thirteen buildings transferred from the Rovaniemi region.The buildings as well as the large number of exhibits illustrates life in Rovaniemi at the turn of the century, more than hundred years ago. The Rovaniemi Local History Museum is open to public in the summer.The museum is operated by the Local Heritage Association, Rovaniemen Totto (Kotiseutuyhdistys Rovaniemen Totto ry).