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Higher education

University of Lapland

The University of Lapland is a broadly-based university with four faculties approximately 4,800 students and 626 employees. About 300 students are international (80 foreign students and 220 exchange students), about 150 students study abroad, and about 330 students are postgraduate students. University of Lapland offers Degree Programmes in more than 20 major disciplines. Each discipline provides bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes. With a broad range of study opportunities that combine research with education and science with art; University offers the possibility to learn about art and design, business and tourism, education, law, and social sciences.


Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences

Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences (RAMK) has about 3,000 students and a staff of 300. RAMK has approximately 120 outgoing exchange students and 120 incoming exchange students. In total RAMK has 19 different degree programmes of which three are taught in the English language. The studies are comprised of theoretical professional studies as well as practical training and a Bachelor’s thesis in the field of study. RAMK has five fields of study: Social sciences, business economics and administration, Natural resources and the environment, Health care, social services and sports, Technology, communications and transport, and Tourism, catering and institutional management.