The Rovaniemi  Church

The present church of Rovaniemi was completed in 1950. The previous church building was destroyed during the razing of the town in 1944. The construction of a new church so soon after the war would
scarcely been possible without great financial help from churches in Sweden and the United States.
The church was designed by architect Bertel Liljeqvist, and the artist Antti Salmenlinna conceived the striking interior.
The 14 meters high fresco Elämän lähde (The fount of Life) on the altar wall was painted by professor Lennart Segerstråle in 1951 .The church is 43 meters in length, and 18.5 meters across. The steeple with its cross is 54 meters high. 1000 people can be accomodated in the church.
The new organ was consecrated in February 1987. The organ contains 4000 pipes, and possesses 45 registers, three manuals and a pedal. It was designed and constructed by the Bruno
Christiansen factory in Denmark.