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The first sustainable travel labels to Lapland – Rovaniemi launched a responsible tourism programme

7/7/2020 8:40 AM

Visit Finland has awarded Sustainable Travel Finland labels to six Lapland-based companies. The companies that received the label have taken ecological, social, economic and cultural sustainability into account in their operations.

Jätkänkynttilä rannalta.jpgPhoto: Visit Rovaniemi.
One of the companies granted the label is Arctic Treehouse Hotel from Rovaniemi. The other label recipients include the Salla Reindeer Park and Sallantunturin Tuvat from Salla as well as the Naali Lodge, Kota-Husky and Pentik-mäki from Posio.

Visit Rovaniemi, which is responsible for tourism marketing in Rovaniemi, has also launched an extensive Sustainable Travel Finland programme with the idea of offering Rovaniemi-based companies and tourist destinations a concrete toolkit for sustainable tourism. The toolkit makes it easier to adopt sustainable measures and choices into the everyday life of the region or company.

– We warmly welcome everyone wishing to participate in the development of sustainable tourism in Rovaniemi. The values of responsibility and sustainability are the foundation on which the revival, rise and development of tourism after a crisis is built, says Sanna Kärkkäinen, CEO of Visit Rovaniemi.

The traveller of the future is extremely sensitive and aware of health security, sustainability and responsibility.

– Now, if ever, these things need to be put in order, Kärkkäinen points out.

The Sustainable Travel Finland programme also emphasises the strong presentation of local services.

– Going forward, there is a desire to increasingly direct tourists to locally produced services. By communicating about localness, responsibility and sustainability, we can ensure that those operators who bear the responsibility and obligations are also financially successful, Sanna Kärkkäinen emphasises.

Programme opened for all tourism companies and areas

The first companies to receive the label have been involved in the programme since its pilot phase last spring. Now the programme has been officially opened for all tourism companies and areas.

– A huge number of tourism areas and companies have been waiting for the general launch of the programme, as responsible operations are understood to be the only possible way to provide tourism services in the long run, says Liisa Kokkarinen, Project Manager, Sustainable Arctic Destination at Visit Finland.

Any tourism company or area can join the free Sustainable Travel Finland programme, and measures in line with sustainable development do not have to have been implemented yet at the application stage. The programme itself provides a development path and concrete tools, such as training sessions, an e-guide and a digital work environment created for the programme, which make it possible to achieve the Sustainable Travel Finland label.

Starting the Sustainable Travel Finland development path or applying for the label does not cost the companies or areas anything, even though the measures may result in costs and the work requires time and human resources.

More information about the Sustainable Travel Finland programme.