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The City of Rovaniemi wants to help its entrepreneurs

4/8/2020 10:35 AM

Business Rovaniemi, the team responsible for the City of Rovaniemi’s business development services, is providing its full support to the city’s entrepreneurs in facing the challenges presented by the coronavirus epidemic.

“The loss of any healthy company under these circumstances is a blow to the city as a whole, and we are doing everything our resources permit to ensure that companies are left on a good footing to continue their business activities once the situation returns to normal,” says City of Rovaniemi Business and Development Director Jukka Kujala.

Where necessary, small businesses that are forced to make cutbacks, interrupt their activities or close their premises entirely due to the coronavirus epidemic can be granted extensions and reductions on commercial lease and land rent payments.

The duration of the reduced-rent period will be dependent on the length of the coronavirus crisis, and rent reductions will be granted to businesses on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, the City is prepared to expedite payment for its purchases, and the payment of invoices for products and services bought from the City may be postponed and longer terms of payment may be agreed upon.

The City has also expedited its schedule for adopting the new service voucher scheme. The scheme is a commitment by the City of Rovaniemi to reimburse part of the price of services for customers up to a certain predetermined value.

The service voucher scheme is intended to fund business development. In this context, business development includes activities that have long-term, strategically significant effects that reshape the business.

Business Rovaniemi’s free business consultation services are currently available remotely and via telephone.
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