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Studio Artica awarded as Single-person Business of the Year

1/2/2020 3:45 PM

The Rovaniemi Entrepreneurs’ Association (Rovaniemen Yrittäjät) on November 1 bestowed the Single-person Business Award on Studio Artica of photographer Petri Teppo. Teppo, at the same time, received the distinction of being one of the five businesspersons awarded by the association as Entrepreneurs of the Year.

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In his reaction to the awards, Teppo said, at first, he was very surprised and very thankful and felt greatly honoured. 

“I mainly shoot for businesses and visual professionals, helping my customers on fulfilling their visual needs,” said Teppo describing his business.

With the experience of more than a decade, Studio Artica produces photographs to cater for diverse needs of businesses and visual professionals. Its signature style comes from attention to details in light and composition. 

Teppo said, initially, he used to shoot while biking downhill as a hobby. “In 2006, I opened my business for the first time after months of pondering, ‘Should I.’ I was young and liked photographing; so why not. Now, it was a hobby turned into a work that I love.” 

Naming a few of the reasons behind his business success, he said, “Good customer-handling skills and being positive towards the clients took his business to that level. We carefully consider customers’ needs, help in brainstorming when required and complete the photographs from the planning desk to the finishing touches. We organise shoots in interior and exterior milieus as well as in our own studio.”

“Petri Teppo is the very first recipient of the Single-person Business Award in Rovaniemi. His Studio Artica has been an active member of our association for a decade and his talent as a photographer is recognised all over Finland. He is a hard-working entrepreneur who has played a vital part in the growth of many other businesses, as graphics and photographs are essential in today’s business communication, marketing, and advertising,” explained Rovaniemi Entrepreneurs’ Association Chairman Esko Määttä. 

For example, Määttä said Teppo is behind the creation of many a luxury brands in Rovaniemi, such as Arctic Light hotel’s restaurant Arctic Boulevard, which has been accorded with the International Luxury Hotel Award. 

“He is a workaholic, even when everyone else is having a fun time. This, too, was the case when he received the awards! While taking pictures in a photo-shoot in our gala on 1 November, suddenly his name came through the speakers! This was a planned surprise for him,” Määttä smiled. 

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