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Ski resort and sports centre increase attraction of Ounasrinne

8/30/2019 1:30 PM


Ounasrinne is a district of Rovaniemi about four kilometres off the city centre in the east. Ounasvaara is part of the Ounasrinne district.
Residents of the Ounasrinne district are provided with civic amenities through various service units as well as in other districts. There are schools, daycare centres, pharmacy, library, playgrounds, super markets, hospital, fuel stations and restaurants. In addition to local residents and tourists can enjoy Ounasvaara Ski Resort, Santa Sports Centre, Ounashalli and Lappi Arena. The Lapland Central Hospital is also situated in the Ounasvaara district. 

Ahead of the Rovaniemi Week we spoke to some residents of Ounasrinne to know their experiences of living in the locality.
Osmo Jurvelin, a 59-year-old retired person and former electronics mechanic who lives in Ounasrinne, said he is satisfied with the civic facilities available in the area. “The area is more developed now than it was a decade ago. We live here peacefully. We have library, market, two pubs, ski resort, biking place and golf centre. The good thing is the bus timing and the best thing is the hospital nearby. I think there should be a few cheaper markets like Lidl. There should also be some cheap apartments for housing the pensioners and low-income people,” Jurvelin said.

ounasrinteen monitoimitalo_netti.jpg

Many of the public utilities are located in "Monitoimitalo" in Ounarinne.

Another resident, Jori Kontio, a teacher at Lapland Education Centre (REDU), also expressed satisfaction at the civic services. “We have everything here. We have school, library, shop, automated teller machine (ATM) for cash withdrawal, skiing school, skating field, ski tracts, frisbee golf, nice bicycling routes, swimming pool and football ground. Nice bicycling routes attract me the most. But I miss apple trees in the area,” the 49-years-old Kontio said. 

Another resident of Ounasrinne, who worked at Lapland Central Hospital, emphasized the need for initiatives to attract more tourists. “We should be more attentive towards attracting tourists to the area. The arrival of more tourists will bring more earning and create job opportunities for us. I think there should be some more markets. But I am pretty happy about the way the authorities are keeping the citizen safe,” he said preferring anonymity. 
Petri Tanninen, a home appliance installer who lives in the Ounasrinne, said, “I like the area very much because it is quiet and peaceful. The ski resort is nearby. We have almost everything that we need. But there is no shopping mall in the area.”


Lapland Central Hospital is the biggest employer in the Ounasrinne area.

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