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Rovaniemi eateries offer Christmas delicacies

12/11/2018 3:25 PM

Hotel Scandic Pohjanhovi is one of the most traditional places to offer a versatile Christmas buffet in Rovaniemi.

scandic_pohjanhovi_meetingr.jpgPhoto: Scandic hotels.

Christmas is almost here. As is traditional with Finnish eateries, restaurants in Rovaniemi are serving special delicacies to their customers in the weeks ahead and after the Christmas Day.

Authority of the hotel Scandic Pohjanhovi said they have prepared Christmas meals for the clients for the busy Christmas season.

“We offer a versatile buffet with traditional Finnish Christmas foods and treats”, Johanna Uimonen, Communications Manager of Scandic Hotels told Daily Finland.

“Traditional food is an essential part of the Finnish Christmas celebration. These just cannot be left out. Each year our chefs will find new delicacies or flavours to the Christmas table”, said Uimonen replying to a query about the reason behind to choose these foods to the Christmas food menu.

According to Uimonen, the all-time Christmas time favorite is the Finnish fish buffet with salmon, herrings, lavaret and roes with sour cream and onion. Other favorites are Christmas ham and the casseroles of potato, carrot and swede.

The restaurant will also arrange Christmas dinner on December 24. On Christmas Eve all the hotel guests join to the Christmas dinner. During the Christmas time Scandic Pohjanhovi has guests from all over the world. Most of them enjoy the Christmas dinner and especially the fish buffet is one of the favorites, she said.

Hotel Santa Claus and Sokos hotel Vaakuna Rovaniemi will have special arrangements made, too, for Christmas lunch and dinner.

Nili restaurant is one of the legendary restaurants in Rovaniemi devoted to serving Lappish delicacies using purely local ingredients during the Christmas. 

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