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Rovaniemi city centre charms its residents

8/30/2019 1:59 PM

Before the Rovaniemi Week celebrations, we asked some residents about their neighbourhood. What's the best thing in the district and what should be developed?

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The Rovaniemi city centre — kaupunginosa, with District 1 and District 3 —offers full-spectrum civic services, in addition to a livelier atmosphere than the other districts do.

The major establishments of this area catering to various needs of the city residents include the City Hall, library, Arktikum museum and science centre, Culture House Korundi, academic institutions, the major shopping malls- Sampokeskus, Revontuli and Rinteenkulma-, residential hotels, banks, offices, police station, Rovaniemi bus stand, central railway station, stadium, pharmacies, fuel stations, swimming pool, gymnasiums, hospitals, church, Angry Bird activity park, daycare centres, grocery markets and continental shops.

Two renowned major academic institutions — the University of Lapland and Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu — are also located very close to the city centre and a large number of foreign students arrive here every year, that also makes the ambience of the area a little different than the other districts.
‘Kotikulmilla’ — ‘city districts and its outskirts’– is the theme of the Rovaniemi Week slated for September 2 to 8 this year. Before the celebrations, we spoke to some residents of the Rovaniemi City Center to know of people’s experience of the locality. 

Tauno Koskela, an assistant librarian who lives downtown Rovaniemi, appreciated the authorities for ensuring all civic amenities. He, however, suggested the establishment of more parks and the planting of more trees in the area.

“The area is quite nice. I get almost all services that I need. We have market, library, church, cafés and bars. Everything is close to where I live. But I think we need more parks, more trees and plants,” Koskela said.

“This is a nice place to live. Every basic service is available. We have hospital, library, hobby places and shopping malls. Although Rovaniemi is not a big city, I like the nature and the people. I like the nature most. Still, there is scope to develop many things. More parks and structures with better architecture could be developed. More could be done for summer-time tourism,” Kalle Säkkinen, a 26-year-old sports ground maintenance man, said.

Emilia Ylinen, a teacher at a kindergarten, said, “The city center is very peaceful and calm. The services provided for city dwellers are very close and enough for us. I get everything like shopping malls, grocery shops, pharmacy, gym, restaurants and night clubs nearby. As everything is within a short distance, I can go everywhere by bicycle within a short time. I like to live in the city centre as I can get everything easily. The best thing is that it is close to the nature. I need nothing more. But it will be better if there are a few more cafes, restaurants and some clothes shops in the city center. Moreover, the important streets in the city could be well decorated to attract tourists.”


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