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Rovaniemi city brand to be renewed for all senses

10/4/2019 12:50 PM

Rovaniemi is renewing its city brand during the autumn and early winter. The goal is to create a brand that speaks to all townspeople and visitors of Rovaniemi in a new, coherent way and helps make the vibrant, Arctic capital even more attractive for current and new inhabitants.

The brand work is based on the strengths and city strategy of Rovaniemi. Citizens, city employees, entrepreneurs, tourism service providers, and other stakeholders of Rovaniemi will be able to play a role in the work.

"One objective of the city brand renewal process is to find interesting, sustainable and genuine perspectives to developing the reputation of the city. We want to share information about the city in a more effective, attractive, and most of all, coherent way. The aim is to strengthen the city’s position in the competition for new inhabitants, talent and companies and to attract visitors to experience the city with all their senses," says Riikka Heikkilä, Head of Communications. 

Besides boosting the visibility of the city, a coherent and clear brand is also expected to affect the total marketing costs. At the moment, the city alone has a variety of logos and other visual elements in use, for instance. The new visual look is meant to meet the changing needs of communication and marketing.  

"The new city brand concept will just be a good starting point. The actual city brand will arise from long-term work: actions, real experiences, and stories spread forward from the city. Tourism has already seen great progress in this aspect," Riikka Heikkilä reminds us.

The city wants all the townspeople of Rovaniemi to participate in the project. For instance, surveys and interviews will be held with the participation of townspeople during the autumn to provide important data, directions, and information about expectations to support the brand work and its implementation. The project will cover the city centre and villages. The first surveys for city employees, companies, and tourism service providers were released on 1 October.  The online survey for townspeople is also open until 20 October: next.rovaniemi.fi.  

The city implements the brand work in co-operation with the Rovaniemi-based Flatlight Creative House.