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Rovaniemi boasts of dozens of tracks to attract skiers

2/14/2019 1:20 PM

IMG_8894.jpgSkiing track on river ice.
Cross-country skiing is a favorite winter activity in Rovaniemi. Every year, around February, the city starts providing skiing tracks on river ice. Skiing season has already started in forest tracks before tracks on river ice.

It is one of the best things to ski on the ice and enjoy the sun, stop at some laavu to have sausage and continue skiing during late winter time. 

What, however, makes skiing an essential activity in Rovaniemi dates back to hundreds of years. 

It was a tradition to travel in the forest and one of the activities people are engaged in is skiing. This was made easy because the city usually enjoyed a full-snow winter. 

"Skiing tracks on ice are in a good condition and it’s great fun to go skiing on the ice when the sun shines and the temperature is warmer than minus 10 degrees celsius", Sami Laine, the physical exercise coordinator of the City of Rovaniemi told.

The skiing track could be reached through Keskuskenttä, Kirkkolampi, Susivouti, Vaarala and one goes all around to Koivusaari and so on.

The City of Rovaniemi boast of 30 tracks of 200 kilometers. There are, however, between 20 and 30 more tracks of around 70 kilometers elsewhere made by communities and associations. 

In Rovaniemi, the safety of skiers is of paramount importance. It is important to ensure that all skiers are safe, signs about the toughness of the tracks are put up, which are easy to see even on the ski guide track map. 

The typical signs are thick blue sign for easy ski trails, red for moderately difficult ski trails, thick black line for difficult ski trails, five yellow dots for illuminated ski trails, three dotted blue lines for ski trails on the ice and four dotted green lines for winter walking routes.

As the winter in the South is getting shorter, it brings a lot of racing skiers from southern Finland and all over the world to Rovaniemi. 

Another great skiing season begins when winter holiday starts from the eighth week. This engages more people in skiing, as revealed by Sami Laine.

Not only that the tourist enjoys skiing in Rovaniemi, but Sami Laine also expressed his love for skiing mostly between February and March. He loves skiing when the sky smiles and boasts of a bright weather.

City of Rovaniemi- Daily Finland Report