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Rovaniemi Week takes over the town in the second week of September – the Night of the Arts makes a welcome return

8/28/2023 11:10 AM

Comprising over two hundred events, this Rovaniemi town festival proudly hosts a vast range of cultural and artistic experiences throughout the week of 4–10 September 2023. In addition to the familiar favourite events, new and meaningful experiences are on offer that transform the entire town into a shared living room for people, art, and culture.

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The Rovaniemi Week programme includes concerts throughout the town and its villages, creative workshops, guided walking tours and excursions, and film screenings. The week’s music and dance offerings are diverse, complemented by the folk music and dance festival Jutajaiset. Ever-popular attractions like the Harvest Festival Market at the Rovaniemi Local Heritage Museum in Pöykkölä and the family-friendly Sahanperän Savotta forest event will once again delight event visitors this year.
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Sahanperän Savotta’s new venue is the Forestry Museum of Lapland

“The new, idyllic venue for the Sahanperän Savotta forest event is the Forestry Museum of Lapland in Pöykkölä. This new location makes it easy for visitors to enjoy the Sahanperän Savotta and Harvest Festival Market in a single trip. The City of Rovaniemi organises transportation for visitors free of charge to Pöykkölä”, tells Rovaniemi’s Cultural Producer Katja Rakkolainen.

The popular family event, Sahanperän Savotta, is Lapland’s largest annual forestry industry event, and this year it celebrates its 10th anniversary. The venue for the event is the Forestry Museum of Lapland area, where old and new come together in an interesting way.

Activities that promote physical activity and wellbeing, discussions focusing on themes that resonate with the townspeople, fairs, and inspiring activities are all available for the whole family. 

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Night of the Arts makes a comeback

After taking a long break, Rovaniemi’s very own Night of the Arts will take place on Saturday, 9 September 2023, as part of the Rovaniemi Week’s events. This marks Rovaniemi’s seventh Night of the Arts, a collaborative effort between the City of Rovaniemi and local cultural and art experts.
Rovaniemi will be filled with captivating performances, workshops, free admissions, shows, exhibitions, and all sorts of exciting surprises throughout the entire Saturday. The purpose of the event is a voluntary effort to showcase the rich cultural offerings of the town in a single day.

“The wide-ranging and colourful program of the Night of the Arts demonstrates how vibrant and energetic our small northern town is. What’s more, most of the events and shows are free-of-charge! Come and experience Rovaniemi as it transforms into a shared living room for people, art, and culture”, says Rida Haapala, Producer of the Night of the Arts.

A few highlights of the diverse Night of the Arts programme include DJ YourBartender’s musical cocktail from the Rovaniemi Music Library collection and a northern documentary screening organised by the Viral Vegans association, addressing themes related to animal welfare.
The Night of the Arts will also feature a new venture from the Valsa Cultural Association, as Rovaniemi Art Museum hosts the association’s evening events, including exhibitions, workshops, work demonstrations, and music.

“This autumn, the Rovaniemi Week also strengthens a culture of caring. As part of the “Mie välitän” (“I Care”) campaign, which highlights the warmth of Rovaniemi’s residents, toys are being collected for donating to children at the Finnish Red Cross reception centre for asylum seekers. Good condition, intact toys can be brought to the Rovaniemi main library and local libraries in Ounasrinne, Korkalovaara, Saarenkylä, Sinettä, and Muurola from 28 August to 10 September 2023. The campaign will continue next year with new collection points”, reveals Katja Rakkolainen.

The programme is updated on the Rovaniemi Week website at: https://www.rovaniemi.fi/Rovaniemi-viikko

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