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Rovaniemi Theatre is running Christmas Story – Subtitles are in English and Chinese

11/21/2018 8:15 AM

The popular musical show Joulutarina (The Christmas Story) is now running at the Rovaniemi Theatre for its last season starting on Nov 23 and lasting through December.

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Based on Marko Leino’s novel and Juha Wuolijoki’s film telling the story of Santa Claus, the show is a collaborative effort of Rovaniemi Theatre and Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi. It is directed by Kari Väänänen, choreographed by Matti Paloniemi and composed by Minna Siitonen. The characters in the show are played by Rovaniemi Theatre’s actors, Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi’s dancers as well as young people, children, and dance school students.

The Christmas Story offers you a sack full of experiences. Comprised of theatre, dance and music, the show reveals some of the most exciting secrets about Christmas. The show starts on an emotional note. Orphaned, little Nikolas has to leave his home village and travel to Korvatunturi to become a carpenter’s apprentice to the strict and forbidding Iisakki. But Nikolas finally starts to feel moments of happiness as he starts making Christmas gifts for children, eventually growing up to be the most loved Christmas character of all – Santa Claus. 

“It is all about Christmas,” said Matti Paloniemi, the choreographer of the show. “It is about giving and getting back. Joulutarina is a story about goodwill and friendship. If you believe in what you want, it will happen. And of course the play is wonderful for the inclusion of a lot of singing and dancing. The show is all in all so very visual and beautiful.”

Talking about his role in the show, Paloniemi said, “It has been my job for the last three years. In the first year, we created the show together with Kari Väänänen and the composer Minna Siitonen. It was an interesting and funny time, because it is a big story and a fairy tale.”

Indeed, the fact that this winter is the last season for the performance leaves a bitter-sweet feeling for its creators. “Of course I’m little bit sad thinking of all the people and history that we have made together. I have gotten to know all the talented children and other performers, dancers, actors and musicians. But we are going to do something together in the future, hopefully. Perhaps there will be another Christmas story someday,” said Paloniemi.

Joulutarina Rovaniemen teatteri kuva Kaisa Sirén 720.jpg

Picture: Kaisa Sirén

How to see the Christmas Story

The play is in Finnish and offers English and Chinese subtitles. This will be the last season for the play to be performed at the Rovaniemi Theatre. So, if you want to see the show, you need to book your tickets now. Buy tickets online from Nettiticket.fi or from Osviitta at Kauppakeskus Rinteenkulma open Monday to Thursday 9:00-16:30 and Fridays 9:00-15:30 or directly from the Rovaniemi Theatre at Jorma Eton tie 8, open Tuesday to Friday 13:00-17:00, Saturdays 11:00-13:00 or an hour before the show.

A ticket costs 30 euros for an adult, 20 euros for a child or a student, and 27 euros for a pensioner. Moreover, family tickets are also available for 70 euros for two adults and a child, 90 euros for two adults and two children, and 110 euros for two adults and three children.



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