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Rovaniemi’s pedestrian zone and Lordi Square will have twice as many terrace seats this summer as the grand terrace in Helsinki

7/7/2020 8:52 AM

Rovaniemi is in for the terrace summer of a lifetime if the weather remains warm and sunny. Even though no so-called grand terrace was established in the Rovaniemi city centre, this summer there will be a total of more than 1,020 terrace seats in the pedestrian zone and Lordi Square alone. The giant terrace in Helsinki’s Senate Square will have just under 500 customer seats.


The extensive terrace expansions in Rovaniemi are one of the city’s efforts to promote the recovery of restaurant operations during and after the coronavirus crisis. Restaurants operating in the pedestrian zone and Lordi Square have been given extra space for their terrace activities free of charge.

– Almost all the terraces in the city centre have increased the number of table seats. If the terrace restaurants near the waterfront are included, up to 1,500 people can spend sunny days and summer evenings at the same time in the Rovaniemi city centre, Risto Saukkoriipi from Rovaseudun Markkinakiinteistöt calculates.

Terrace restaurants have also come up with ideas for new family seats this summer.

– Many restaurants in the pedestrian zone have reserved separate, quieter seats for families, which are made available to all customers from 6 pm, says Saukkoriipi.

There are about 400 terrace seats for enjoying food outdoors, with an additional hundred or so seats for ice cream and coffee alone.

RoPs football matches on a giant screen on a terrace

One newcomer is Hattrick’s terrace expansion with its artificial turf and palm trees. The sport bar’s new entrepreneurs Mojtaba and Kazem Rajabi have expanded the terrace of their bar to 110 seats. People enjoying the summer have found their way to this new place ever since the terrace was opened on 15 June.

– For a few years now, we have been dreaming about a summer oasis in the style of Helsinki’s Hernesaari in the Rovaniemi waterfront area, but the project did not progress beyond an idea. We want to make this terrace a meeting place for sports lovers and everyone who enjoys summer terraces. There will also be live music on the weekends, the Rajabis say.

There is a giant screen at the edge of the terrace that is used to display, among other things, RoPs football matches. So this summer, you can nervously wait for the results of a match with a bigger group of people right in the city centre. The first RoPs match night is on 7 July.

The entrepreneur brothers would like to thank Rovaseudun Markkinakiinteistöt for their flexible service.

– It is great that a person who makes things run smoothly has been hired to take care of the pedestrian zone. Until a few years ago, we had to wait more than a month for terrace permits. Now permit issues were handled quickly in as little as a few days. Thanks to the Regional State Administrative Agency for this as well.