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Renewed trails widen hiking scope in Rovaniemi

10/8/2018 10:10 AM

The city or Rovaniemi has a large number of hiking trails – here are the ones eveyone should try out!

Koivusaari-nature-trail-by-.jpgKoivusaari nature trail is located close the the centre of Rovaniemi. Photo: Visit Rovaniemi

Fall is a popular hiking season in Rovaniemi when nature is full of beautiful autumn colours. The city has a large number of hiking trails of various lengths and levels of difficulty. The city has recently renewed some of the trails and guideposts, while some of the trails will be refurbished next year. 
The Daily Finland asked Kari Lukkarinen, a forestry engineer based in Rovaniemi, about his favourite hiking places that everyone should try out.

Ounasvaara nature trail and Ounasvaara winter walking routes, located on the Ounasvaara Hill
Kari Lukkarinen said: “In my opinion the most popular trail is the Ounasvaara nature trail. We have repaired it this summer. For example, we have added signs, wooden walkways, and so on. We will also add guide maps next to the path. I think now it is safe to walk there and there is no danger of being lost. We have also renovated the Ounasvaara winter walking routes. We have added a lot of new signs and maps. In winter it is a very popular walking trail. Both routes are also located near the city.” 

Korkalovaara nature trail on the Korkalo Hill
This trail is about 3.6 kilometres west off the city centre and is marked for the tranquillity of a secluded forest while offering the convenience of a close-by urban centre. The 3.35 kilometre long trail goes through dry forests, mires, bogs, and swamps and has a nice camping area with a campfire site.
“The trail is currently being repaired. And it will also be ready soon,” said Lukkarinen.

Koivusaari nature trail
Another popular nature trail is Koivusaari, about 2.3 km away from Rovaniemi towards Sodankylä. “If you like to listen to and watch small birds and see how the sheep graze, then you should go to the Koivusaari nature trail,” advised Lukkarinen.
Koivusaari is a rather short but a very exciting route. It goes around a small island where sheep can be observed grazing in the summer. The trail also leads to a floating bird watching tower. The trial will be improved next year.

Arctic Circle hiking area
Lukkarinen also mentioned the Arctic Circle hiking area that can be reached by driving about 20 kilometres along the highway 4 towards Sodankylä. The area has plenty of different trails like the Barrier-free nature trail (1.5km), Vianaapa mire trail (7km) and Kivalonaapa meadow culture trail (1.3km) which can be accessed from Vikaköngäs and Vaattunkiköngäs parking areas. 

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