City news about coronavirus situation

Quarantine instructions for residents

3/23/2020 6:25 PM

People who are in quarantine or isolation, it is important to be aware and follow instructions, to protect other residents who are working.

With these given instructions City of Rovaniemi states how to act in the situation of quarantine or isolation. Rules are clear, making sure that person in quarantine has to stay at home. A person in quarantine has to be available at all times.

Citizens are asked to reach out staff of Rovaniemi city via online channels.

Instructions for quarantine or isolation

1. If you are set to be in quarantine or isolation, follow it strictly. When in quarantine, you are not allowed to go to school or to any store. You are not allowed to meet anybody outside your household.

2. Going to stores, pharmacy, health center, workplace, nursery, school, library, restaurant or public events is prohibited when in quarantine.

3. Going outdoors is allowed, but being in close contact prohibited. Keep 2 meters safe distance to other people outdoors.

4. Ask help from friends, relatives or neighbors with grocery or pharmacy shopping. Shoppings are good to leave outside the apartment.

5. A few shops in Rovaniemi offers home delivery service. If a person in quarantine uses a home delivery service, should the payment be done before delivery and goods to be left outside the apartment.

List of grocery stores, that have announced special opening hours for risk groups.

Food from restaurants in Rovaniemi with home delivery:

6. The pharmacy stores are using online service.
Rovaniemen 2. apteekki (Rovaniemen Keskus apteekki)

7. Social welfare primarily aims to protect necessary and urgent services such as persons' inevitable caring, livelihood and guidance services. In a need of help, contact primarily your own social worker. If you don’t have own social worker, contact the social welfare services of Rovaniemi city by calling to counseling service p. 016-322 6701, 8 am - 16 pm. Information desk Nestori helps guidance with elderly persons and their close ones Mon-Fri 9 am - 20 pm and on weekend 9 am - 16 pm and on via phone 016-322 2580.

If under aged children both parents are unable to take care of children due to own illness temporarily, and no help is found in close connections, please reach out to social duty p. 040-7266 965.

8. Be careful with scams these times when people are offering help to each other.

9. If your or your close one's health situation changes during time of quarantine or isolation, contact the doctor who took care of you with given instructions.

10. When in quarantine, take care of good hand hygiene. Getting rid of Covid-19 is most powerful by using soap and hand disinfectant. Cough to a single-use napkin or to your own sleeve. Throw used napkins to trash immediately.