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Ounasvaara becomes center point of downhill skiers in Rovaniemi

2/22/2019 8:30 AM

The Ounasvaara Ski Resort, just four kilometers off the Rovaniemi city hub, has become a center point for downhill skiers, snowboarders and amateur skiers in winter. In the north of the Ounasvaara fell, the modern and well-equipped ski resort remains open from November 24, 2018 to April 22, 2019, offering skiing facilities for people at home and abroad.

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The Ounasvaara area has 100 kilometers of cross-country tracks, of which 50 kilometers has lights.

“We have 10 slopes and 5 lifts for skiing (scale green to black). There is the practice area for beginners and children (Rendi’s Snow World), rental shop, Ski School services and restaurant,” Ossi Pesonen, rental shop manager of the Ounasvaara Ski Center, told.

Pointing out the rush of huge visitors every year, he said that about 50,000 people visit the ski resort annually.
The resort operates a ski school offering lessons for slalom skiing, snowboarding, telemark and cross-country.

All the instructors are educated by the Finnish National Association of Snowsport, who teach children and freshers about skiing in a short period.
The ski school also offers a snowshoe trip daily for two hours. The trip takes the visitors to the wild nature of Ounasvaara Sports Park.

There is a rental and repair shop at the ski resort for visitors and the authorities takes care of the equipment’s hygiene and ensure safety. The rental shop also offers equipment maintenance services.

The price for the ski pass varies based on the duration and types. The minimum price is 15 euros for an hour while the price for seven days is 97.85 euros.
“We come here frequently, at least twice a week, and enjoy the downhill skiing along with my family,” said a local woman who came with his two children.

A tourist, Sinyun from China, said that she is a ski racer and has been dreaming of skiing in in Rovaniemi.
“I met a Finnish skier in Hong Kong and he told me about ski activities in Rovaniemi,” said Sinyun, “I am enjoying my stay and I have met a lot of people from other countries.”

She said that she is staying in Finland for two weeks and would like to come back again next year. She was satisfied at how the host community welcomed her before she met people from her country.

There are number of accommodation facilities around the resort, both on top and at the bottom of the hill. 


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