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New look of Rovaniemi waits at the end of mega road projects

9/26/2019 11:50 AM

Right now, old roads and streets in the City of Rovaniemi are getting a new shine while new ways are being built under a huge development initiative of road construction and renovation work. At the moment four projects have already been implemented and the remaining projects will come to an end by November.

Lapinkävijäntien remontti 2019.jpg

Renovation of old roads and construction of new ones have already begun and a part of the work has already been carried out in the summer. The remaining road projects are expected to be completed before winter. 

Under this scheme, new road construction has a budget of two million euros and road renovation has 11.6 million euros earmarked for it.
“Hopefully, all the ongoing projects this year will be completed before the snowfall. As of now, four projects have already been implemented. The remaining projects will come to an end by November,” said Rovaniemi City Construction Manager Jani Riihiniemi. 

Construction work is going on in full swing on road number 4, Heposuontie and Golfkentäntie. Two traffic lights are being installed at Harjulammenpuisto and Korkalovaarantie. Seven other renovation projects are running on major traffic arteries include Lapinkävijäntie, Jäämerentie, and Teollisuustie roads, said Riihiniemi.

Riihiniemi also pointed at one of the most mammoth project under way at Jäämerentie. “The aim is to improve the traffic flow and to repair the underground water pipes. The condition of the street lamps will also be improved by widening the traffic routes,” the manager added.

While visiting some construction and renovation sites, it seemed at this pace, the development programme most likely will come to a smooth end as is scheduled.
Vehicular movement along Lapinkävijäntie has remained closed since July 22 due to such face-lifting work along the Hallituskatu to Kairatie road section, where traffic is set to resume at the end of October. 

New road construction started at Jäämerentie and Pallarintie in July 24 and is scheduled to be finished by the end of September.

Construction of a roundabout at Isoaavantie has also begun on June 26.  There vehicular movement has kept snapped till the work peters out by November.

“Construction work sometimes needs closure of traffic at the work site. It also causes traffic congestion in other roads in the area in some cases,” said Riihiniemi.

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