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Long-term plan taken up to develop Korkalovaara

8/30/2019 2:00 PM

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The theme of the Rovaniemi Week this year is ‘Kotikulmilla’ (city districts and its outskirts). Before the celebration we are introducing some of the city districts.

Korkalovaara is a wide neighborhood and its areas include Länsikangas, Vaaranlaki and Lapinrinne. Korkalovaara, a district adjacent to the city center situated on the outskirt of Rovaniemi, has undertaken a long-run development plan.

“We have set up a steering group and a working group to coordinate and develop services in the area. The groups include representatives of different services sectors and non-governmental organizations. The area is intended to be developed as a whole and to take into account all the services provided by the city. The task of the steering group is to develop a long-term plan for the development of the area,” Risto Varis, administrative manager from the City of Rovaniemi’s educational services told.


Child health clinic in Korkalovaara. There's also a kindergarten in the same building.

The residents are provided with all kind of civic facilities in the district through various service units. There are schools, day care centres, pharmacy, library, playgrounds and restaurants, Varis said.

“Services in the Korkalovaara district include restaurant, pharmacy, library and two grocery stores. The church has a chapel in the area. The Vaaranlampi school, having classes from 1 to 6, also operates in Korkalovaara. There are two day care centres in the area,” the administrative manager added.

The Korkalovaara district was designed with various architectural shapes. Korkalovaara, covering a wide neighborhood, was incorporated into the Rovaniemi on January 1, 1957. The areas include Länsikangas, Vaaranlaki and Lapinrinne.

The Hillapolku shopping center is a historical center of Korkalovaara. The High School there was also located in Korkalovaara but it was combined with the High School of Lyseonpuisto.

There is also a radio signal tower in Korkalovaara and a water tower at Karinrakka. Services in the district include tennis hall, restaurant, pharmacy, library, post office and several grocery stores.

The Korkalovaara elementary school, having classes from 1 to 9, and the Vaaranlampi school, having classes from 1 to 6, also operate in Korkalovaara. There are also two day care centres in the area. 


Vaaranlampi outdoor area.

In addition, the Mäntyvaara racetrack is located on the southwest side of the district. Mäntyvaara also becomes popular for some international events such as the Porocup (reindeer race) on the Mäntyvaara racing track about eight kilometers off downtown Rovaniemi.


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