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Kaamos coffee’s aroma is spreading fast

11/28/2018 12:20 PM

Coffee roastery Kaamos (Kaamos Kahvipaahtimo Oy) is fast becoming a popular brand in Rovaniemi.

The owner is a 31-year-old Juho Kuure, whose interest in real fresh coffee began five years ago. Since then he has been travelling and tasting local coffees from different parts of the world, such as Africa, Europe, and the USA.

Although he is quite new in the business, he loves to find excellent coffees from around the world.

He went into business school three years ago so that he could learn the rudiments of business. After that he planned to open a coffee shop in 2017, but did not manage to get funding, so he decided to start a roastery this year. 

Juho Kuure kuva2 420.jpg

Photo: Juho Kuure

Passion for coffee

The business of producing coffee requires dedication and hard work, lots of tasting and sample roasts to find out where the specific coffee is at its best, Kuure said. His passion for coffee and working with coffee keeps him going.

“I like inventing new flavours and teaching people how to recognise different flavours by tasting. I want to expand my business, have workers, add tea and open a café at the city centre easily accessible to people. But one must do all these one step at a time,” said Kuure.

Presently, he does not have any employees. But his wife helps him out for example with social media.

Kuure uses the social media, Facebook and Instagram, for promoting his business, as the website of his company is still under construction.

Coffee has an incredible variety of different flavours, so Kuure wants to bring them to the customers.

"I also blend two or three different characters to see how it tastes. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it does not.”

Juho Kuure kuva1 420.jpg

Photo: Juho Kuure

Kuure, who comes from Keminmaa, has lived in several places in Finland, for example Kemi and Nuorgam close to Norway, before he and his wife moved to Rovaniemi when they were expecting their child.
He has no university degree, as he quit studies at the University of Oulu after two years from the conviction that academic studies were not meant for him. So he went into a business school for training and to develop his idea few years later.

He believes in taking risks, without which no business can succeed.

Apart from Rovaniemi, Kuure has customers in Turku and Oulu. He has his products even in Levi and Ylläs, as tourists are always interested in buying Lapland goods. His coffee is also sold in a few local stores in Rovaniemi.

Kuure is associating his products with Lapland alongside different flavours of coffee. For example, one of his coffee blends is called “The Midnight Sun”.

“I encourage people to try my coffee as it might change their opinion about what is real coffee and how it should taste like.”



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