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Face masks provided for those with limited means in Rovaniemi

11/6/2020 1:00 PM

According to the guidelines issued by the Finnish Government, each person is primarily responsible for getting the face masks they need, but municipalities are responsible for providing free face masks for those with limited means.

The City of Rovaniemi provides free face masks to residents with limited means. There are 11 distribution points, and masks are provided every week until further notice. Students with limited means can obtain face masks from their educational institution.

At the most, you can collect 14 face masks per week. The city provides one face mask for each essential journey on public transport (at the most 10 masks/week), one for grocery shopping (at the most 2 masks/week), and face masks for going to get tested for the coronavirus (2 masks). Essential public transport journeys include bus transport, carpooling, and Kela-reimbursed rides. Face masks should be used in public transport, and in shops, shopping centres, libraries, office buildings, theatres, museums and restaurants, as well as in universities and secondary schools, i.e. upper secondary schools and vocational educational institutions.

Distribution point in the centre of Rovaniemi

Kansalaistalo (community centre) at Rovakatu 23, on Mondays and Fridays at 10:00–11:30 in connection with food distribution, and on Thursdays at 15:00–16:30.

Distribution points in villages

Muurola Library, Koulukaari 10, Wed 14–15
Jaatila Village Hall, Jaatilan koulutie 17, Mon 11–12

Sinettä Village Hall, Parkkikankaantie 12, Fri 12–14
Meltaus School, Opinpolku 12, Tue 17–18
Lohiniva Village Hall, Mettisvaarantie 7 C 6, Wed 11–12

Narkaus Village Hall, Koulunraitti 36, Fri 15-17

Vikajärvi School, Liikekuja 3, Mon 15–16
Tiainen Village Hall, Sodankyläntie 5997, Mon 10–11

Vanttauskoski, Yläkemijoki School, Vanttauskuru 5, Mon 16–17
Autti Village Hall, Koulunmutka 20, Thu 18–19

When queuing for face masks, remember to follow the THL instructions on safe distances and hygiene. Sanitise your hands when entering and leaving the distribution room.

In order to enable the tracing of potential coronavirus infection chains, people collecting face masks will be asked to provide their contact information. You will not be asked to provide information on your income.