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FAQ about Corona virus in Rovaniemi region

3/24/2020 8:25 AM

The instructions below include tips on how to handle day-to-day things.​

What does a quarantine mean? What to do when you are quarantined?

The city of Rovaniemi has gathered instructions for the citizens in case of quarantine.

Where do I find the updated information about Covid – 19?
What are the reliable sources of information?

Reliable sources listed below:
https://valtioneuvosto.fi/en/frontpage https://um.fi/frontpage https://www.fimea.fi/web/en

How to talk with a child about Corona virus?

The news about Corona virus might feel overpowering especially to children.
The information overload through the overheard conversations, internet and television can be too much to handle for our younger population. Children are highly vulnerable and can easily experience anxiety, stress and grief. Talk with your children and listen, open and safe atmosphere supports childhood safety.

Will Corona effect water and electricity distribution?

Neve (Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi Oy) has announced that the epidemic has no effect on their production or distribution. It is calculated that the energy needed for the production will last for 1,5 – 2 months even if the deliveries of wood and peat would be disrupted. The generous stocks of supplies and chemicals used in the processing of clean and wastewater will ensure operating for a very long time, even if there were availability disturbance in acquisitions of supplies. Neve also announces that the personnel falling ill in a wider scale would potentially risk their daily operations.

Customer service online. www.neve.fi

How to handle garbage and residue?

The recycle stations organized by Napapiirin Residuum, will function within normal opening hours. It is recommended to avoid non important visit to the Napapiirin Residuum during this situation created by Corona virus. All consulting visit have been cancelled.

Napapiirin Residuumi instructions for the citizens:

• Sort all tissues and napkins to mixed waste not to biowaste.
• When in contact with waste by a person ill with Corona virus, separate the waste into an individual waste pin, covered with a plastic bag. Close the Corona infected bags very carefully and empty the Corona virus infected pins daily.
• Tie the bags effectively or use tape to close them properly before taking the bags into a mixed waste can.
• If there occur delays in the waste collect, please store the properly closed bags into a secure place (rodents, vermin), so they pose no threat to others.
• Reduce less mixed waste by effective sorting and pay attention to organizing your waste. Avoid causing a common hazard and only use official waste stations.

Customer service online: https://residuum.fi