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Spirit of "North" vol.10 - Sensing Faint Resonances

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“Do people living in northern regions of the globe share a common spirituality regardless of race and nationality?” With such an inquisitive query, the art project Spirit of ‘North’ has continued to explore the “spirit of the north” that creates harmony among northerners. The project aims to bring together artists from the northern regions, this time from Tohoku region of Japan, Sweden and Finnish Lapland.

Artists in the exhibition: CHIBA Naoko,  ISHIKURA Toshiaki, NAKATSUGAWA Hiroaki, MARUYAMA Tokio, MARUYAMA Yoshiko (JPN), Amanda Billberg (SWE) and Auri Ahola, Titta Court, Mia Hamari, Helena Junttila ja Jukka Tarkiainen (FIN).

A particular worldview that holds all living things and even imaginary beings as equals is common for the paintings by NAKATSUGAWA Hiroaki and Helena JUNTTILA, sculpture by Mia HAMARI, video work by Amanda BILLBERG and paintings and installations by MARUYAMA Yoshiko.

MARUYAMA Tokio's installation and performance deal with an interplay between body and space. CHIBA Naoko’s video work describes Tohoku, affected and altered by the disaster. Jukka TARKIAINEN’S video work Leaving home (music by Outa PAJU) describes artist Helena JUNTTILA’S journey to Japan in 2015. Dance performances by Titta COURT and Auri AHOLA, and Amanda BILLBERG, reflect the themes of the whole exhibition. Anthropologist ISHIKURA Toshiaki’s video work illuminates the culture of the Tohoku region and its special characteristics.


sat 21.9. at 11 a.m.
Titta Court & Auri Ahola: Tykky (20 min)
Amanda Billberg: Cat Talk (30 min)
Tokio Maruyama: Reconnected Things (20 min)

sun 3.11. at 3 p.m. 
Amanda Billberg: Cat Talk

sat 23.11. at 3 p.m.
Titta Court & Auri Ahola: Tykky

sat 25.1.2020 at 3 p.m.
Titta Court & Auri Ahola: Tykky
Amanda Billberg: Cat Talk
Tokio Maruyama: Reconnected Things 

Exhibition has been supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation's Lapland Regional Fund, Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, Japan Foundation, Pola Art Foundation and The Asahi Shimbun Foundation. We also thank the University of Lapland and Fukushima Museum.

Picture: Yoshiko Maruyama: You - The Whole Creation, 2017.

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The Asahi 
Shimbun Foundation


21.9.2019 - 26.1.2020 11:00 AM–6:00 PM

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