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OCCUPY SPACE! - Finnish sculptures


The Association of Finnish Sculptors launches its vast exhibition, Occupy Space!, in Rovaniemi Art Museum. Occupy Space! brings forward the finest contemporary Finnish sculptors, from established to exciting up-and-coming artists.

The exhibition conquers new territory for contemporary Finnish sculpting, outside traditional Finnish art hubs. It is the largest showcase of contemporary Finnish sculpting ever seen in Lapland. During the exhibition, Rovaniemi Art Museum will arrange an open lecture series on the themes and trends of Finnish sculpting today.

Materials and methods meet at Occupy Space!. In spite of different techniques, the selected artists share a particular ability to narrate three-dimensionally in a site-specific context. Occupy Space! reveals the unique connection between sculpting and its material surroundings.

Every five years The Association for Finnish Sculptors’ organises a large sculpting exhibition, which Occupy Space! is a continuation of. The last one took place at Wäinö Aaltonen museum in Turku, and Gallery Sculptor in Helsinki, in 2010. Exhibition is curated by Daniel Werkmäster, director of Uppsala art museum.

Artists: Andersson Jan-Erik, Cavén Kari, Eskelinen Petri, Heino Aaron, Heino Timo, Häkkinen Päivi, Isorättyä Pekka & Teija, Kaikkonen Kaarina, Kalkamo Matti, Karsi Jouna, Kaulanen Kirsi, Koskinen Anne, Lehtinen Jukka, Männikkö Pia, Puronen Riikka, Rannikko Vesa-Pekka, Ryhänen Heli, Schroderus Kimmo, Schroderus Noora, Simonsson Kim, Sirén Pia, Toija Tommi, Tuominen Anu.

For additional information and images please contact Tiina Veräjänkorva, Executive Director of The Association for Finnish Sculptors. Tel: 09 621 6339 / e-mail: tiina.verajankorva@sculptors.fi

16.10.2015 - 24.1.2016 11:00 AM–6:00 PM

Lapinkävijäntie 4
96100 Rovaniemi