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Kaija Kiuru: Places of the Mind Framed By the World - Retrospective Exhibition

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Kaija Kiuru, M.A. and visual artist’s retrospective exhibition, Places of the Mind Framed by the World presents the production of the versatile artist from 1995 to 2019 in the form of sculptures, photographs and installations.

Kaija Kiuru is from Sodankylä and many of the works in the exhibition are from the northern nature. The works deal with the changing and delicate relationship between nature and man. A person's own vulnerability, “me” in relation to the world are visualized in the space.

Kiuru's own specialty is spatial and environmental art, where conceptual features can also be found. The size of the works ranges from small and delicate works to large installations and environmental works. Studies in environmental protection and environmental education have broadened the artist's perspective and deepened the relationship between nature that began in her childhood.
The name of the exhibition, Places of the Mind Framed by the World, shows the way Kiuru works. The works take shape in the artist's thoughts, as if in different places or spaces in the mind where emotions, thoughts and experiences are mixed with real-world events. The work can be processed by finding and selecting material and experimenting with different techniques with different materials. A place or space can also determine the form, character and content of a piece of artwork.

Kiuru's works are carefully executed and strong in content. Kiuru's art is easily approachable, but there are different messages behind seeming ease - reflection on human existence, the changing relationship between man and environment, and the intrinsic value of nature. The viewer is challenged to see and experience differently, to question the familiar and self-evident issues. Although there may be contradictory messages in the works, their content is respectful of both man and nature and they often touch the deepest levels of consciousness of the viewer. Kiuru's art is characterized by authenticity, humanity and the artist's personal presence and commitment. Kaija Kiuru has fulfilled the requirements as one of the most versatile visual artists in the Northern area.

Performance: Meri Nikula - Breathing Earth
Wed 30.10. at 17.30

4.10.2019 - 12.1.2020 11:00 AM–6:00 PM

Lapinkävijäntie 4
96100 Rovaniemi