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Con Amore - With Love from Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Collection

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Exhibition Con Amore brings light, colors and love in the midst of winter.

Con amore is actually a music term and means “with love”. This exhibition consists of Finnish contemporary art from Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Collection. The versatility of the artworks shows the many variations of the subject.


In visual art, we often depict with love people, mainly those who belonged or belong to our family. The starting point may be an old photograph, like in Tuula Lehtinen’s artworks “Lucia I and III” or in Sari Kemppinen’s “Time II” which making method is really exceptional. The raster surface of the image has been made using black snaps. Generally, children and grandparents are depicted with love. Harry Kivijärvi in his sculpture ”On the Beach” or Santeri Tuori in the video “Liina” find original features in a child, shyness and need for care.

Eija Isojärvi’s paper sculpture “Grandmother’s Heart” and Kirsi Tapper’s wooden relief “My Grandmother is an Indian” both tell about longing in their own way. Through his installation “Dream of a Long Grey Feverish Night”, Juhani Harri tells a story about a child’s disappointment as his father didn’t bring him a butterfly he had promised.

In the end of 90’s, Rafael Wardi’s wife fell in Alzheimer disease and the artist depicted everyday life in the hospital in many of his pastel paintings. According to Wardi, the illness brought the husband and wife closer together and poetry and artistic talent came up from his wife even if her memory gradually faded.

Viggo Wallesköld depicts physically different people with warmth. Kuutti Lavonen’s large paintings of faces refer to interest to the imagery of Renaissance and Baroque.


On her trip to Paris, Leena Luostarinen had seen a tree with a carved sentence on its body “Je t’aime á l’infini”, I love you forever. The emotion came over so strongly that the artist wanted to immortalize it on a large painting. Nature itself is a starting point for many visual artists such as Sinikka Tuominen’s abstract paintings “Shore Road” and “Golden Land”.

Sometimes, the objects of love are hobbies, for example cycling in Arto Korhonen’s painting “Samppa’s Bike”, literature in Leila Lipiäinen’s small installations and music in Anitra Lucander’s painting “Moment Musicale”. Jani Hänninen’s painting “Big Fat Zero” may be a tribute to Graham Parker’s punk track of the same name.


Art can also speak of doubtful objects of love as in Hannu Väisänen’s “Revered Master”. Can anyone be an object for boundless adoration? In Anita Jensen’s artwork “Possibility”, gold represents greed that was particularly emphasized during colonial power when people dreamed about immeasurable treasures and the power that gold would bring. Many times love also breaks hearts as in Anssi Jääskeläinen’s “Failed Love Attempt” or in Outi Heiskanen’s small etching “Broken-winged”.

In fact, artists make art with love to art itself. Rafael Wardi has said that the talent is not enough, there must be feeling and passion. The feeling comes across and desirable art speaks unnoticed to the viewer.

Artists in the exhibition: Aaltonen Erna, Andersson Ville, Erkkilä Jaana, Halinen Kaisaleena, Hänninen Jani, Hänninen Ulla-Maija, Heikkilä Erkki, Harri Juhani, Heiskanen Outi, Hyvärinen Helvi, Immonen Kati, Isojärvi Eija, Isomaa Eeva-Liisa, Jääskeläinen Anssi, Jämsä Aarne, Jensen Anita, Kajander Ismo, Kannisto Aino, Kemppinen Sari, Kivalo Inka, Kivijärvi Harry, Korhonen Arto, Kuukka Raakel, Laine Lauri, Lavonen Kuutti, Lehtinen Tuula, Lipiäinen Leila, Lucander Anitra, Luostarinen Leena, Niva Jussi, Oikarinen Antti, Peltokangas Matti, Piilola Tamara, Ryhänen Heli, Schroderus Noora, Suorajärvi Satu-Minna, Tapper Kirsi, Tuisku Kari, Tuominen Sinikka, Tuori Anna, Tuori Santeri, Ukkola Hilkka, Uusitalo Kristiina, Väisänen Hannu, Virta Ulla, Wallensköld Viggo, Wardi Rafael

6.11.2018 - 31.3.2019 11:00 AM–6:00 PM