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May Day Brunch


Welcome to May Day Brunch in Korundi Restaurant on 1st of May. Brunch seatings at 10:30 & 12:30.

May Day Brunch Menu 2019:

* Green Herb Salad with Honey Vinaigrette (L,M,G,P)
* Pesto marinated pearl mozzarella , cherry tomatoes, avocado, zucchini & red onions (G,P)
* Mixed Salad made from roasted eggplants, spinach and champions with citrus vinegra (L,M,G,P)
* Colorful grated salad flavored with chili and lime  (L,M,G,P)* Feta-kale pie (L) may contain residues of nuts

* Minicones stuffed with tuna-capermousse and sesame seeds (L) may contain residues of nuts
* Hot smoked salmon with horseradish mayo (L,M,G,P)
* Mustard herring (L,M,G,P) 

* Honeydew and Serrano ham (L,M,G,P) 

* Country-style bread and Churned butter (L,P)

* Tender overnight stewed star anise marinated pulled pork (L,M,G,P)
   Vegetarian option on request from the kitchen: Spinach & pulled oats -casserole (L,M,G,P)
* Warm fennel & Apple compote (L,M,G,P)
* Oven potato wedges (L,G,P)

* Watermelon, brie-cheese and balsamic vinegar  (P)
* Donut wall (L)* Bilberry-cheesecake mousse ja Corn flakes (L)
* Salted caramel fudges (L)
* Pina-colada shot (L,M,G)

* Mint-Birch sap juice (L,M,G,P) 
* Self-made Sima (L,M,G,P) 
* Dark roasted fairtrade Mundo coffee and tea

Glass of sparkling wine or non-alcoholic sparkling drink

May Day Brunch:
30 €/adult,
15€/child 2-12years.
Children under 2 years free of charge.
Price includes tickets to the art exhibitions. 

Table reservations: info@korundi.fi or +358 16 322 2822

5/1/2019 10:30 AM–2:00 PM, 5/1/2019 12:30 PM–2:00 PM
Lapinkävijäntie 4
96100 Rovaniemi

30€/aikuiset, 15€/lapsetOsta liput