René Söderman
09.05.2019 06:20
I'm really happy that I had the opportunity to play the last chords of #FIArctic chairmanship@ArcticCouncil@Arktikumlapland. It was truly an honour and lot of fun! Now it's time for post-presidency blues. #Rovaniemi #ArcticMinisterial2019 #mexicoexpress
09.05.2019 06:20
Arctic Council Ministerial Dinner at Artikum Glass Hall. Photos: Jouni Porsanger / Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland #Arktikum #arcticministerial2019 #FiArctic #rovaniemi #visitrovaniemi #lapland
09.05.2019 06:20
Farewell Reception on the occasion of the 11th Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting at Arktikum. Thank you all our guests and partners! Photos: Jouni Porsanger / Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland #Arktikum #arcticministerial2019 #FiArctic #rovaniemi #visitrovaniemi #lapland
07.05.2019 10:33
Media room decorated with Finnish nature 🌲🌳 #arcticministerial2019 #Rovaniemi #ArcticCouncil #Lapland #meetingvenue #decoration
Finland Arctic
07.05.2019 10:33
The Menus of the #ArcticMinisterial2019 have reflected our #greenmeeting values: we served sustainable, healthy, mostly vegetarian & local food. Like the Luncheon today. #FiArctic
07.05.2019 08:38
The Ministerial meeting of the arcticcouncil has just started. The Saami Council President Åsa Larsson Blind and our Senior Arctic Official Ellen-Inga Turi are both at the same table as the Saami parlament in Norway and Foreign ministers of the Arctic countries. #sápmi #arcticcouncil #Arctic #arcticMinisterial2019 #indigenous
Finland Arctic
07.05.2019 07:32
#ArcticMinisterial2019 in #Rovaniemi today is a #sustainable meeting. You won't see any #plastic bottles here in Lappi Areena. #greenmeeting #FiArctic #mediacenter@WWFSuomi
Finland Arctic
07.05.2019 07:31
Cool #icesculpture symbolizing the #Arctic region in the meeting room of the #ArcticMinisterial2019. Watch the ministerial meeting soon starting on livestream: #FiArctic

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Art Thursday - free entrance to the exhibitions at 6pm-8pm
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