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Mayors and local leaders announce The Declaration of Cologne at the Child Friendly Cities Summit


Mayors and local leaders from 40 countries expressed their commitment for children’s rights. City of Rovaniemi is also a part of UNICEF Child Friendly Cities network.

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Gathering of Arctic Mayors’ Forum to give local authorities a bigger say in the Arctic development


On October 10, mayors representing some of the world’s northern most cities, the City of Rovaniemi among them, signed the Arctic Mayors’ Forum foundation paper, thereby forming the Arctic Mayors’ Forum.


Rovaniemi city brand to be renewed for all senses


Rovaniemi is renewing its city brand during the autumn and early winter. The goal is to create a brand that speaks to all townspeople and visitors of Rovaniemi in a new, coherent way and helps make the vibrant, Arctic capital even more attractive for current and new inhabitants.

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New look of Rovaniemi waits at the end of mega road projects


Right now, old roads and streets in the City of Rovaniemi are getting a new shine while new ways are being built under a huge development initiative of road construction and renovation work. At the moment four projects have already been implemented and the remaining projects will come to an end by November.


Rovaniemi Arctic Design Week 2020: New producer plans to introduce new Design Week concept


The next Rovaniemi Arctic Design Week is scheduled for March 16 to March 22, 2020. Its newly appointed producer, Taina Torvela, has two decades of professional experiences in communications, marketing, and services design and 28 years as an entrepreneur. She intends to include various new ideas into ADW to make the event more effective and international.

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Rovaniemi, combination of urban and rural area with multicultural inhabitants


The city of Rovaniemi has a land area of 7,581,51 square kilometres where a total of 62,922 people including 1,559 foreigners live in the seven districts, 15 suburbs and 49 outlying villages. Most of the people live in the city centre and the adjoining areas while some do live in the nearby rural areas, said statistics and city officials.


Ounasvaara offers exquisite biking experience


Ounasvaara has long been a hub of outdoor activities for both local people and tourists. While perhaps being most famous for its skiing and hiking trails, Ounasvaara is also home to a wide variety of biking opportunities in all seasons.


Korundi becomes center point of cultural and social gatherings


The building which was once the Postbus Depot serves today as the home of the Lapland Chamber Orchestra and the Rovaniemi Art Museum. Its evolution from a transport hub to a cultural center has several distinct chapters and reflects the resilience and the community of the city surrounding it.


Ode to Rovaniemi – a tribute to Finland’s Arctic capital


For around a year, no matter the season, a huge number of moments and places have been recorded in Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland. The resulting film, Ode to Rovaniemi, which was produced by the city in collaboration with Flatlight Creative House, is finally ready for viewing.

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