Terms and conditions

The user  accepts these terms of delivery upon loading or copying material in electric form  through the media.rovaniemi.fi -service. City of Rovaniemi grants the user a licence to use the picture files according to the following terms, copyright law and good manners.

 1. City of Rovaniemi grants the user of media bank -service  user rights for web-quality material without a time limit for the private use.
The loading of printable material requires signing in. The passwords needed to sign in must be asked via electronic form. With the same form the client must report how the material will be used.  The commercial use of the pictures is prohibited.
 2. Media bank -service files operate under common copyright laws. Copyrights remain to the copyriht holder/City of Rovaniemi.  The customer is allowed to get only the publication rights defined by these laws for the uploaded pictures. Other rights stay in the property of the service provider.
 3. The customer is responsible for the legality of the picture use as well as aqquiring permits concerning names, people, publications, trademarks and private properties shown in the pictures. The pictures must not be used against good manners. In other words, the pictures are not allowed to be used in the connections that offences the value of the people in the pictures or the photographers.
 4. In order to receive a publication right the client must state the purpose of the picture use, size of pictures, amount of printed material, publication or media and final user. This report must be made electronic  form.  Re- and extra use must also be reported to City of Rovaniemi. The users of pictures must commit themselves to destroy the picture files after the use of pictures.
 5. Upon publishing the pictures, the name of the photographer and the party, which holds the copyright for the file in question, have to be mentioned © City of Rovaniemi.
 6. In domestic press it is allowed to use pictures without reporting if the user has registered in the Media bank -service and the copyright holder is mentioned properly. In case of publishing pictures in a foreign publication or distribution, a permit must always be acquired beforehand.
 7. Publishing rights can not be sold or transfered to third party and files can not be sold, rented or transferred to a third party.
 8. The material can not be manipulated. Only the alteration of the picture size to suite the purpose of use is permitted. The user of pictures does not have the right to edit the logo of the city of Rovaniemi or other brands.
 9. Resolution of the pictures published on the Internet can be 72dpi and the picture size can be selected from alternatives defined in advance. The material can not be published on the internet in a form which suggests that the material can be freely loaded from these pages. The use of the internet-form pictures in printed matter is strictly forbidden.
 10. The exploitation of the pictures for commercial use in the mobilized entertainment media (MMS, l-mode, WAP, etc.) is also forbidden.
 11. The user of pictures has to sent two free copies of the printed matter, where the published pictures can be seen. Copies must be sent to: Rovaniemen kaupunki, Viestintäyksikkö, PL 8216, 96101 Rovaniemi, Finland.
 12. Rovaniemi region is not responsible for any harm caused indirectly and to a third party.
 13. The city of Rovaniemi owns the rights to change the picture files, its content, its availability and the requirements set to the equipment needed in the use of the picture files.
 14. The city of Rovaniemi owns the rights to change the conditions and dissolve the contract (remove user codes) any time if the client does not follow the terms and conditions determined above.