The Verso Partnership Project
 is a collaborative project Between the City of Rovaniemi and the Settlement of Rovala. It’s funded bu ESF (European Social Fund) in period of 2009 – 2013. Verso projects’ main task has been to give guidance in the Finnish language, to develop and model new group activities and workshops and offer multicultural training. Verso projects’ activities have supported immigrants’ integration and assisted them getting a quick start to integration and readiness to work. Through the activities the project has added tolerance and created encounters and contacts between Finnish and foreign cultures.

Verso has done close cooperation with immigration office of municipality of Rovaniemi and MoniNet, multicultural center of Settlement of Rovala. Cooperation has been made also with several services, actors and projects locally in Rovaniemi but also largely in Finland.

Verso project has completed 6000 studying days for customers. Verso has modeled its’ main processes and made material kit focusing on teaching Finnish language and integration to Finnish society. Verso projects’ coordinators and workshop tutors created and developed a model, based on observations while working on different group activities with different clients (a Model of 8 skills). Verso has used different methods and the learning was learner-centered. The model and the materials can be used with different target groups. We hope you can find our materials useful for your work.

Enclosed you can find Verso material kit. Materials can be located to 4 different moduls: Everyday life (Orientation course to Finland, “Kotostartti” booklet, My card and Services in Rovaniemi ), Finnish language tutoring (Discussion Club booklet, Distance learning booklet, Board games, Practical Finnish language cards, Everyday vocabulary), Practical group activities (Workhops booklet) and working life skills (Workshop at the workplace booklet).

Verso team: Juha Seljänperä, Eeva Jokkala, Kaisa Kivelä, Elina Pietilä, Sofiane Azab, Tom Serratti, Antonina Varonen
Graphic design and layout: Tom Serratti
Press: EDITA PRIMA Oy, KL-Kopio Oy
Final Report of Verso project
Ramboll Management Consulting Oy made outside evalution for Verso Partnership Project