Reception of Nurses

In all problems of your health you don’t need consult the doctor -  instead you can make an appointment with the nurse of your own team. In every treatment team there are two nurses and 1-2 assistants. Nurses receive patients mostly by phone reservations. The time must be booked from the phone number of your own team. All these services are free of charge.

Nurses for diabetics and pulmonary patients work in every team. Blood tests for warfarin treated patients also can be done in every team.

You can make an appointment with the nurse when:

  • You need some nursing procedure, for example removing sutures
  • You need short sick-leave due to infection etc
  • You must ask medical advice for vaccination
  • You need advice in the treatment of common infectious diseases
  • You need advice to prepare for different procedures

During reception the nurses:

  • Give general information about medical issues and nourishment and how to reduce weight
  • Perform examinations on your health condition
  • Treat wounds or ulcers
  • Perform different procedures like ear rinses, vaccinations, removals of sutures etc.
  • Carry out medical treatment prescribed by GP.

In collaboration with GP some controls of chronic diseases (for example diabetes, high blood pressure, rheumatic diseases, asthma) are directed to nurses’ receptions. Nurses also manage deliveries of nursing facilities to patients.

If you need medicine prescriptions renewed, it is desirable to bring prescriptions to your team’s assistant before the period of validity runs out. At the same time you will be told when you get the prescription back. Generally renewal takes one week. The doctor gets acquainted to patient’s files and considers the need for renewal. Special attention is paid to prescriptions from other doctors.