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Reception of Doctors


Treatment teams

The city of Rovaniemi is divided in seven treatment teams:
Team Ounas, Team Uitto, Team Kaira, Team Rova, Team Saaren, Team Etelä, Team Pohjois.

Every citizen has a treatment team, district and general practitioner (GP) of her or his own according to street address. Team is composed of 4 districts and GP’s, 2 nurses and 1-2 assistants.

A person who needs medical help must primarily ask for reception to her/his own district and GP. There are also vacant reception times for urgent cases of illness in the treatment teams during normal office hours to GP’s or nurses.

In non-urgent cases of illness the estimation of treatment is done by phone or by reception of nurse in three days after the first contact. In non-urgent cases of illness the actual treatment is to be performed in three months (due to law).

The service times to Treatment Teams are: Mon - Thurs 8.00 am - 4.00 pm, Fri 8.00 am - 3.00 pm.
You can phone directly to your own district’s/team's number. Please note: Try to avoid rush hours 8.00 am – 10.00 am.

Treatment team

Team Ounas
Sairaalakatu 1
+358 (0)16 322 4453

Team Uitto
Sairaalakatu 1
+358 (0) 16 322 4454

Team Kaira
Sairaalakatu 1
+358 (0)16 322 4455

Team Rova
Sairaalakatu 1
+358 (0)16 322 4456

Team Saaren
Pulkamontie 4
+358 (0)16 322 4575

Team Etelä
Pulkamontie 4
+358 (0)16 322 4555

Team Pohjois
Pulkamontie 4
+358 (0)16 322 4565


Treatment Teams