You can choose in which health center you'll make an appointment

There are three municipal health centres that provide medical care in Rovaniemi. You can choose which center to use. You need to make an appointment when attending a health centre. There are also several private health centres in the city at which you can be treated even if you do not have access to public health care. 

The public health centres are open Mon-Thu, 8 am to 4 pm & Fri, 8 am to 3 pm. If you wish to see a doctor or a nurse, you must make an appointment in advance by telephone. Appointments for laboratory tests are made in advance through the NordLab online booking system.  

Rinteenkulma Health Centre & Laboratory

Address: Koskikatu 25 (3rd Floor)
Tel. +358 (0)16 322 4620

Pulkamontie Health Centre & Laboratory

Address: Pulkamontie 4
Tel. +358 (0)16 322 4610

Urheilukatu Health Centre

Address: Urheilukatu 5-7
Tel. +358 (0)16 322 4600