4. By the side of power

Kemijoki Oy was founded in 1954 to exploit the hydroelectric power of the river basin. Reconstruction projects and industry needed huge amounts of electricity, and water power was an excellent solution. The head office of Kemijoki Oy controls the electricity production of the 18 power plants. Architect Kai Blomstedt designed the old part of the Kemijoki Oy building in 1957; construction architects Teppo Hiilivirta and Erkki Päiveröinen planned the new part in 1983.

Olaf Eriksson designed the memorial monument dedicated to the 6th Division, with the majority of men natives of Lapland, fighting on many fronts in the Continuation War of 1941–1944. During the Lapland War, from the autumn of 1944 to the spring of 1945, the Finnish troops had to fight against the Germans, their former brothers-in-arms, in accordance with the peace treaty signed with the Soviet Union. The Phoenix Bird by Harry Kivijärvi (1990) represents Rovaniemi rising from the ashes. The symbolism is perfect for Rovaniemi: during the Lapland War, 90% of the buildings that stood where the town centre is today were destroyed; only about twenty buildings remained standing in the town centre.

The Phoenix Bird by Harry Kivijärvi

The Memorial Monument dedicated to the 6th Division

The Alaruokanen house (built in 1860) is the only Lappish courtyard that has remained in its original place in the centre of Rovaniemi. The Alaruokanen house functioned as an inn, a court venue and an accommodation for civil servants, and was famous for its hospitality. During the Continuation War, it was an officers’ club and a command post.   
The Alaruokanen house (built in 1860)  

The Rovaniemi Court of Appeal has operated since 1995 in a building that was completed in 1987 to meet the needs of the Bank of Finland. The architect was Pekka Ojonen. In Finland, doors are rarely pieces of art like the one of the Rovaniemi Court of Appeal. In his piece — called ’Käräjäkivet‘ (Court Stones) – Rovaniemi native Matti Nurminen has stylised the old symbol of justice. The Court House, located across the street, houses the administrative and judicial premises of the District Court and Administrative Court of Rovaniemi.