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Stay in quarantine-like conditions until you get your result

You have had a coronavirus sample taken. It is important that you stay at home in quarantine-like conditions until your test result has been confirmed. The purpose of quarantine-like conditions is to prevent further infections. 

What to do in quarantine-like conditions:

  • stay at home
  • avoid social contacts (you may interact with family members who live in the same household with you)
  • stay indoors (you are free to go to your own garden if other people are not there)
  • leave your home only if it is essential (e.g. to walk a dog) and remember to maintain a safety distance of over 2 metres between you and others
  • make sure you can be contacted at all times
  • do not go out to go shopping – ask someone to go shopping for you
  • your family members are not quarantined while you wait for your result, and they may live as normal

Test result on the kanta.fi portal in 2–3 days

Coronavirus test results usually come within 2–3 days. The result of an adult and a child under the age of 10 can be found in the Omakanta service at kanta.fi. If the result is not yet visible in the Omakanta service, please wait for the result to come through. The results of 10–17-year-olds require calling the health centre, unless the patient has online banking credentials or a mobile ID to identify themselves in Omakanta.

If your result is positive, you will receive a phone call. In this case, you will be given instructions on how to isolate.

Avoid calling your health centre to ask about the test result in order to keep the service accessible. Do not contact the emergency department of your local central hospital to ask about the test results.

If you have previously been ordered to self-isolate due to exposure, follow the instructions for staying at home you have been given.