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Guidelines and recommendations regarding coronavirus in Rovaniemi on 11 November 2020

This bulletin includes the recommendations and guidelines issued by the Lapland Hospital District and the City of Rovaniemi concerning events organised by individuals for more than 20 people, group leisure activities organised for people aged over 13, the use of face masks, and the corona testing of children. The recommendations are valid until 18 November 2020. 

Events organised by individuals for more than 20 people

  • The recommendation is that individuals should not organise events for more than 20 people in Rovaniemi. This recommendation refers to events such as birthday and house-warming parties, christenings, student parties, and weddings.

Children's group leisure activities

  • The recommendation is that all indoor group activities of people over the age of 13 be suspended. Group leisure activities outdoors are still possible, as long as safe distances are maintained.

Face mask recommendations

  • Face masks should be used in public transport and in public places where it is impossible to maintain a safe distance to other people. This recommendation applies to shops, shopping centres, libraries, office buildings, theatres, museums and restaurants, among others.
    The mask recommendation also applies to universities, upper secondary schools and vocational educational institutions. The strong recommendation applies to both staff and students. The mask recommendation for educational institutions is valid until 30 November.
  • The City of Rovaniemi provides free face masks to those with limited means. Students with limited means can obtain face masks from their educational institution. See distribution points in Rovaniemi.
  • More information on the face mask recommendation 

Corona testing of children