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The first sustainable travel labels to Lapland – Rovaniemi launched a responsible tourism programme


Visit Finland has awarded Sustainable Travel Finland labels to six Lapland-based companies. The companies that received the label have taken ecological, social, economic and cultural sustainability into account in their operations.


Rovaniemi’s renewed brand strengthens the city’s position as an Arctic capital


Going forward, the Rovaniemi Group will communicate with a more harmonious brand. The brand renewal that started last autumn has now progressed to the completion of a brand book and a new visual identity. The key idea behind the new brand is that Rovaniemi is an Arctic capital for all senses.

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Ulla-Kirsikka Vainio becomes new mayor of Rovaniemi


Ulla-Kirsikka Vainio, 47, has been appointed the new mayor of the City of Rovaniemi. She is scheduled to take over the office after the end of this summer. "As the new mayor of the City of Rovaniemi I hope to build up a good teamwork with the residents, the personnel, the city government, and the city council, because I think that is the only way to build a sustainable city and a vibrant environment to do business in,” says Vainio.


Recovery measures to help Rovaniemi businesses to survive coronavirus crisis


The country is now passing through a state of emergency in the wake of recent outbreak of coronavirus infection that has affected every aspect of life including business and economy. The government, however, has announced a number of support and intensive packages for entrepreneurs to survive the crisis for a certain period.

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Entrepreneurs of the Year: Rajanen gives all credits to Choco Deli Staff


Rovaniemi Entrepreneurs’ Association (RovaniemenYrittäjät) in early November awarded five businesspersons as Entrepreneurs of the Year. We interviewed all of them and asked what's the key for their success.


Rovaniemi receives European City of Sport 2020 award


The City of Rovaniemi has been awarded the title of European City of Sport 2020 by the ACES Europe. While a lot of development work has already been done in Rovaniemi in the field of sports and exercise, the city has its sights firmly set beyond the horizon. In fact, rather than resting on its laurels, this recognition will spur Rovaniemi on to achieve its goals regarding sports and wellbeing services.

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